Monday, May 3, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 216...getting ahead...

whoa. back up.

getting ahead?

did i read that right?

oh yes :) welcome to the last week of the semester. and because Jesus is awesome. I am now ahead. I have two papers done. That means I can start on my last paper due this week tomorrow. Edit the two papers I wrote today, and turn them in all polished and nice on Wednesday. Then I can finish shooting my video and begin editing my video on Wednesday. I'll finish the paper I started on tuesday on thursday, turn it in on friday and use friday for a final video day. This officially rocks. Thanks Jesus, you're awesome. I haven't been getting enough sleep, I know its only His strength that has brought me through.

it also helps I have someone so amazing by my side. Zachariah is a great boyfriend. He is wonderful, loving, compassionate, and he is a hard worker, just like yours truly.

well, looks like I can relax a little bit before bed. awesome.



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