Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 217...hard day's night...

ugh. double ugh. life is truly great right now, i just feel exhausted. its been a hard day's night. ugh.

well, Zachariah and I are doing well. He's stressed out, and so am i. I guess we're just like two little peas in a pod. how delightful. lol...

anyway, Its late, this post is going up late, but i don't really care. Our choir concert went well. thats something to smile about :) I feel bad, we forgot to get Dr. Livesay a gift and also Renee something. We'll have to remedy that for the banquet which is on monday. I'm super excited, I get to wear a pretty dress and go with Zachariah. that will be fun.

I'm singing in lab on friday. I'm going to keep listening to some recordings of the song, hopefully get the rhythm of the second half down better. I practice with Susanna tomorrow afternoon.

well, goodnight. i have to be up early to print off my paper before chem lecture tomorrow. also, really thinking about not going to chapel..im such a heathen. yeah, right!


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