Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 240...saying goodbye...

I'm not any good at saying goodbye's. I simply just don't like them. at all. not one bit. Today I spend the afternoon with my fantastic boyfriend, Zachariah Deitrich. He's one awesome guy. I love him. He makes me so happy, and we have so much fun together. Next week I return to campus and embark on an eight week road trip with my Well Spring team...I'm very excited and super blessed to be doing this, but I'm also sad. I'm sad to leave Zachariah for eight weeks, TWO MONTHS, of not getting to look deep into his eyes and hear those blessed words, "you're beautiful" and "I love you,"

But I know that God has called me to do this. I am on Well Spring for a reason. Yes, okay, so I'm musically inclined, I know that makes putting up with me a little easier for my band mates, but I am just so passionate about pursuing Christ. I want to love and serve everyone around me. I desire to be used by God in any and every way possible. God has chosen to use me in Well Spring.

So. *sigh* I can't do this. That's the best news yet...I can't do this. I can't go two months without seeing Zachariah. But the good news in that, is Jesus can, and will give me the strength to endure the separation. He will continue to love me, unfailingly and completely, he will continue to be my source of power and strength.

This is just a way for me to draw closer, to walk closer than I've ever before, with my savior, with my Jesus :)

There will be moments where I will miss Zachariah terribly (like right now) but I will endure, and I will remain joyful despite my longing. I will see him again in August, and then we will begin our time as RA's in the exciting.

Now, I do not look ahead to August. I look ahead to this next week of preparation. I look ahead to this weekend with my family. I hold on to the promise that Jesus will be my strength, and I hold on to the promise of this coming August. I chose for it to not be my focus. My focus is Christ, to know him, to know him crucified.


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