Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 233...adventure reflection...

as promised in my last post, here is the reflection of Zachariah and my adventure yesterday...

Yesterday I made the 90 mile trek to Marshall, Michigan. Its a beautiful small town that is home to the fantastic Deitrich Family. Zachariah is their eldest son, and my boo. Goodness I'm happy about that :) anyway, I arrived in the quaint little town around 9:30am after an 1 and a half hours on the road. The drive was beautiful, hardly any traffic to speak of, and I just plain love to drive. such a win - win.

We hung out and caught up for a couple of hours, then packed a lunch around noonish. Then we headed out to Stuart's landing. It was very sunny, hardly a cloud in sight. We spread out a blanket and ate our sandwiches, crackers and apples in the glorious sunshine. I had asked Zachariah to find a basket before we left his house to find a picnic basket. After some searching in the basement, he found a multi-colored easter basket. :) it was perfect, despite it being overly festive, I found it to be very cute and just what we needed. It was silly, and I need more silly and light heartedness in my life. Zachariah does that pretty often, he'll make me smile, not just on the surface, like, that's funny or whatever, but it usually goes straight to my heart :) anyway...

After lunch we walked the river walk. Its a path that has been constructed to follow the Kalamazoo River that runs through Marshall. Its beautiful, we sat at the waterfall for awhile, just enjoying the peace. He told me a story of the time he ran the trail for cross country. I guess he had lost a contact lens, and somewhere along the way a deer jumped out at him. I laughed, but that must have been terrifying! 

after our relaxing walk by the Kzoo river we headed across town to the thrift store. I found two tops, and a picnic basket for our next adventure. It was a WHOLE dollar :) totally worth it! Then after our thrift store stop we headed back home for a quick dinner before Micah's baseball game. 

Zachariah's Dad has coach baseball since Zach was a little kid. He coaches Micah's team. Zachariah served as the bench coach, wore a ball cap, carried a clipboard, he looked really official. it was super cute. I sat in the stands near by, and Drew, he just turned ten, sat next to me. I asked him what book he was reading, and He showed it to me rather proudly, and proclaimed that it was a Percy Jackson and the Olympians book. I asked him if he had read the first one, confessing that I had not. So, to help me out, Drew proceeded to recount the ENTIRE book. You think I'm kidding, no, this kid knew his stuff. He went through the entire story with great detail, percy discovering his powers, to his meeting Anabeth, daring sword fights which looked like a gun fight to the mortal policemen, so pretty much the entire thing. Needless to say, I don't need to read the book now, but boy do I want to! I can remember wanting as a child to share with someone what I was reading, and that's why I just turned to Drew and let him tell me the whole tale. of course it "ruined" the book, but in my eyes it made it so much better. Its not everyday that you get to hear Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the lightning thief recounted by a super smart ten year old kid. It was awesome. 

Micah's team didn't win, but they did play quite well considering the rule changes that they are getting used to! It was fun to revisit that part of my childhood. It was good to see that families still devote time to their kids recreation and team building experiences. We returned to the Deitrich house with my heart rejoicing. Zachariah got his guitar out and immediately Ariel, the second oldest, and fellow dancer, requested How He Loves. I adore that song, and I enjoy singing it. After figuring out chords, we played it, Ariel just had to record it too :) She's simply a doll. Zach tells me she's a journalist for the school newspaper. I admire that. I tried my hand at writing for the Pulse (our SAU school news publication). I may just do that again in the fall :) Then we sat and enjoyed the last half hour alone. I didn't want to leave, but I wanted to make curfew at 10:30 pm (i know its early, but i had been gone since 8 am) 

I returned home and called Zachariah to announce my safe arrival. We talked for another 40 minutes. I just can't believe it. I didn't mean to talk that long, but the world seems to stop when I'm in conversation with him. I usually don't have any sense of time with him at all. This is a good thing, I hope. At least my Mom tells me it is...

today My Aunt Jan, my mom and I all went out to lunch and shopping. My birthday is in June. I will be on the road with Well Spring, so she wanted to get me some things for my birthday. Of course I found a great pair of shoes. They have a tiny heal, but they're really strappy and cute. Usually I can't buy the strappy kind of sandals because my arch is so high, so when put in a heel, my instep (the top of your foot) is really high. Having high arches is great for dance, but not so great for fashion.

well now its almost 7:30, Im a little tired, but I think I'll head outside and read some. I'll bring my cell phone just in case the boo calls...garage sale at Grandma's tomorrow morning. That should be fun :)


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