Friday, May 28, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 241...paying attention to the stranger...

Have you ever considered how God pays attention to the stranger? Of course everyone is not a stranger in God's eyes, he has created and loves them all. I mean the strangers and aliens in your life....those people you don't know, or just don't quite "fit in" to their surroundings. Have you ever considered  how God provides for them, just as much as he provides for you?

Sometimes we can get stuck in our particular "bubble" of friends and family, and we forget to reach out to others. We overlook the girl or boy sitting alone at the lunchroom table, or if we are that person, we wallow in our loneliness instead of reaching out to the popular group of kids. The same scenario happens in the workplace, just because we graduated, doesn't mean we have grown up socially, be honest, this stuff still happens at the age of 30...

anyway, I read a couple of passages in Ruth today, that's where my daily devotional has taken me for the time being. It's Ruth 3:1-18

Naomi makes a suggestion, a move to have Ruth, her foreign daughter in law, taken care of. Sometimes I think as Americans we claim to "protect our own" when truly we are supposed to protect the widow, the orphan and the oppressed, not just our own flesh and blood. I admire Naomi's love for Ruth, and in turn I admire Ruth's love for Naomi. Its a beautiful mother-daughter relationship that I desire in my own life. I am blessed with a wonderful, loving mother.

So, just as Naomi has taken care of Ruth, I challenge you to look around you. Consider how God is taking care of the strangers in your life. Ask him what you can do to be apart of it, becoming an agent of peace, joy and love...


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  1. Hm, I think that is why God made Wellspring teams. To reach out to the stranger. :)