Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day week...

I move out next week. one week from today. AH!

crazy. just plain crazy. Three years. POOF!

its gone.

good thing i've got two more years....YIPEE!!!

*big silly smile*

for some reason, amidst the stress, I feel ridiculously joyous. PRAISE THE LORD.

in addition to must be this boy I know...

seriously. He's given me a chance. I have had this unyielding desire to love someone, to make them as happy as I can. and Ta-Daa! Here's Zachariah!

*sigh* I'm so happy.

Let me remember this day. When I feel like the world is crashing down, let me remember how strong you are. That your JOY is forever my strength. Thank you. I love you.
In Jesus' Name,


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