Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 231...psalm writing revisit...

I've been trying my hand at writing songs from the Psalms. Now I know they are originally written as songs themselves, but I wanted to try to put melodies to the words, so they change a little bit to become singable in our "modern musical pallet." Today I looked back at a song I wrote a month ago. Its for piano, not guitar because of all the awkward open fifths and ascending arpeggios.

Psalm 34:1-8
My life is
to extol the Lord
my heart is
to exalt the Lord
my soul is
to magnify the Lord

verse 1:
pour in my sorrow
i call out to you
send your angels
redeem me in your love

your goodness is sweet
honey on my tongue
may i be satisfied
in you forever

I worked on it some today, exactly one month from when I first penned it. I like it so far, but I'm sure it can use some improvements.

Here is another that I looked at again today:
Psalm 118:17-18

verse 1:
my mouth be filled
eternally proclaiming your goodness

I am not dead
but in your promises alive

verse 2:
your judgement has cut me deeply
rescued from death
i am alive in you

I am not dead
but in your promises alive

I discovered this video today on youtube. Its a Shane Bernard masterpiece. click and enjoy <3
Shane Bernard - Psalm 145


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