Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 218...distance...


I know relationships are work. and I'm just plain awful at this. I care for Zach so much. He is such a wonderful person, He understands me, notices me. Then I go and question my heart.

can I truly love someone, when I can't love myself?

I'm afraid the answer is no. It really is.

The good news is that I am learning to love myself more and more everyday.

the reason?

well, of course my relationships with Jesus Christ is at the core of this journey. The human side is, you guess ed it...


yup. He's great. really stressed, and really sleep deprived, but all he does is want to make me happy. Who ever thought I would find someone who wanted to make me as happy as I want to make them? funny eh? yup. its just plain grand.

so is distance the answer? is it the best way to allow each other us to get things we need to get done? or is there harm in enjoying each other's company while we go about scrambling like maniacs to get things done for the end of the semester. We both pride ourselves in doing good work and turning our assignments in. But can't we also pursue each other as we pursue Christ and our studies?

well, here's to flying by the seat of our pants in this relationship. You guys all know I've never done this before. We will just have to see where this goes...

remain the center of my life. strip away the distractions from you. I love you. Be with Zachariah as he finishes up the semester.
In Jesus' Name,


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