Friday, May 21, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 234...garage sale...

how odd is it, that as Americans we complain because we have so much "junk" in our lives, and yet we go to garage sales. hmmm. something seems rather odd to me about that...

Grandma had a garage sale today for Royal Family Kids' Camp. Because of the rain and poor advertisement, we only had about six customers. Regardless I had a pretty good day. I awoke at 8 am on the dot, got ready and left the house around 9 am with my mom to go to Grandma's house in South Lyon. We arrived and I took out the book I was reading, recounted my adventure with Zachariah on Wednesday for them, and finished the second book in the House with a Clock in its walls trilogy. I started the third before Grandpa and I went out to get a few things at the store for lunch. Grandma made tuna burgers, one of my favorites. Then after lunch I kept reading, and we had a few more customers. At about 2:30 Grandma decided to go get the signs. So when three o'clock rolled around we were almost packed up. Mom and I left around 3:30 pm.

Now I'm back at the house, and I just finished putting up the curtains I got out of Grandma's sale. They're really pretty. All flowery and such. I should take a picture and put it up in the post....hold on a minute...

There. I hope you can see it okay. I had the white curtains already, I just got the beige and flowery ones today. aren't they pretty. thanks to my macbook you can see them :)

well. I am going to start dinner, and then keep reading in the third book of the series that I started this afternoon.  after dinner I think i'll go outside again and enjoy the evening out have a wonderful evening as well!


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