Thursday, December 31, 2009

top ten songs of 2009

Here's my list of the TOP TEN SONGS OF 2009. you most likely will not agree, but this is my opinion and what has touched my life this year...

number one : Coming Alive - Heaven and Earth - Phil Wickham
         this song became my anthem. "Open your heart, take what's inside and let it go." I have to do that everyday.
number two : I'll Always Love You - Heaven and Earth - Phil Wickham
        this song reaches deep within me and pours out how I long for God and how I love him into beautiful poetry. I admire Phil Wickham and I am thankful he gives his talent back to God and lets him use it. thats beautiful.
number three: Ignorance - Brand New Eyes - Paramore
         this song is so much fun to sing! Hayley Williams challenges my vocal style. the line, "I'm just a person, but YOU CAN'T TAKE IT" my sentiments exactly. thank you Paramore!
number four: Brick By Boring Brick - Brand New Eyes - Paramore
         I love the imagery in this song. Paramore does a nice job of portraying a lost person and how sometimes we can skew our own reality to be what we want it to be rather than accepting the truth.
number five: Come Again - Joshua Bell: At home with friends - Joshua Bell feat. Sting
      the first time I heard this song, it blew me away! I love Sting, I grew up listening to his music, but this just captured my heart! below is a link for the correct vocals, but I couldn't find the Joshua Bell version :(
number six: Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 - The Resistance - Muse
       I simply love this band. I love their lyrics, and their music. The vocals blow me away every time. this is part one of three, all three tracks are great, but this is my favorite.
number seven: Haven't Met You Yet - Crazy Love - Michael Buble
        I adore Michael Buble. I grew up on Frank Sinatra, so this kid is just great! Usually people don't like similar artists, but I appreciate his talent and I love this video. check it out :)
number eight: Cinema Paradiso - Joshua Bell: At home with friends - Joshua Bell feat. Josh Groban
       everything is better with Josh Groban. I love his voice. This song is very beautiful. enjoy :)
number nine: MK Ultra - The Resistance - Muse
        love the music of this track. I don't know how to explain it, but its truly one of my absolute favorite muse creations.
number ten: The Only Exception: Brand New Eyes - Paramore
        an acoustic track that I love. It has inspired me a lot when writing my latest fan fiction :)

well I hope you enjoy these. I know I have and will for many years to come :)

happy new year


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