Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 073...o come o come emmanuel...

i am doing my best not to look to far ahead and get absorbed with anticipating Christmas...

and then i heard the beautiful Christmas carol "O come, O come Emmanuel"

my favorite carol is "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" but lately I have been blown away by the lyrics of "O come, O come Emmanuel" its a carol of anticipation, but it also addresses the assurance we are provided in Christ's coming. Jesus' birth is one of God's many promises and provisions for the nation of Israel and ultimately the whole world. 

I picture the carol as a cry of desperate hope. The lyrics say, "O come, O come, Emmanuel to free your captive Israel...that mourns in lonely exile hear, until the son of God appear, Rejoice! Rejoice! Oh Israel to you shall come Emmanuel." The first part is a cry of desperation, but the second is a command to rejoice and trust in the promise that the messiah is coming. This carol reminds me of God's provision and his unending love. 

Lately I have been praying that God show me what it means to truly love him, what it truly means to know him. I have asked him to reveal himself, and his promises have been what I have been able to grab unto. Now in this Advent season, this carol has grabbed a hold of me. So in a way, this carol has been an answer to prayer, and it itself is a prayer. Very ironic, but very God nonetheless. 

above is a link to Enya's version of the traditonal carol. its in english first then in latin. its beautiful. enjoy :)


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