Monday, December 28, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 092...oh the weather outside is frightful...

im living in a snow globe. there is simply no other explanation.

it has snowed the entire day. it is now almost 6pm. The sky has begun to clear. Hallelujah!

anyway. lazy day. *deep breath* sometimes I wish I didn't have these. I really feel rather lathargic. part of me wants to be back at school, working out, going to class, playing a real piano (not my plastic keyboard) serving at Rivertree on sundays, and seeing all my friends. here at home can get lonely.

so instead of wishing I was somewhere else, I have focused on writing, reading, and relaxing. I make myself go outside in the cold everyday, just to get some fresh air and exercise, or I would never sleep. I have also been enjoying coffee, good music (thank you Michael Buble, Joshua Bell, Josh Groban and Phil Wickham you guys make writing such a pleasure) while I attempt to finish my fan fiction. I have also taken on another story to beta read, or in lame man's terms, edit.

so that's pretty much all that's been going on today. not much. just some snow, coffee, and words :) what a wonderful combination!


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