Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 080...finals are here...

so im sitting on the quiet floor of the library, yet again :) studying Spanish. I am a little behind on a couple of lecciones, so I've been watching tutorials to catch up. The final for Spanish really isn't a final at all, its mostly on Chapter 6 contextos, and ser vs estar. I am okay on chapter six, but I do not understand the difference between ser and estar very well at all...

I woke up this morning very cold. It looks like our heat isn't working! not good at all! At least I am only here until 3 tomorrow. Actually, if all goes as planned, I'm leaving the house at 12:45 to go to my conducting exam at 1 then leaving from there :) that would be amazing! That means after my Spanish exam, I study for COM 102, take that exam after Prop Shop Worship tonight, pack and get things ready, go to sleep. Get up at 9, shower, study for conducting, pack my car, go take the exam and then drive home. Somewhere in there I have to clean the bathroom. Maybe I'll do that in between my Spanish exam and Prop Shop set up. We're going caroling tonight. im excited for that. then we're coming together to eat cookies and fellowship. awesome study break :) then I'll go back and take my COM 102 exam. I'll probably go to the quiet floor of the library again. its very conducive to concentration!

well one hour to go before my exam. here's to cramming (well its not cramming, just some final review :)


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