Friday, December 18, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 082...on the road again...


this means eight weeks (roughly seven weeks :) on the road, best summer ever times two, oh! I'm so excited! Now I wait and find out who my teammates are. I would gladly go again with John, Bridgett, Mitch and Bryan. That would be fun. We could have three new team members since Kay, Casey and Phil did not reaudition...

so the preparation begins. from now until the last day at a camp I will be praying for kids, staff, camps, and my teammates. This is super fun. I love prayer, and this kind of prayer is very exciting to me. Petitioning before the throne for other people, rather than myself is so much more rewarding. I love being able to partner in prayer! I also want to pray for those who did not make the three teams. I cannot imagine what it must feel like. There were plenty of "freshies" that tried out, I'm sure that they didn't want to turn them away, its just that us "older folk" have seniority...well I pray that they can enjoy break regardless and find jobs as well for the summer :) God will provide!

I am so thankful to have this opportunity again. Its humbling that the comittee thinks that I can do this. Its really God who does all the work, he moves and speaks, I'm just a tool, a vessel that is filled up and sent out.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve you, and your people. Lord begin to make divine appointments for the campers, staff and my teammates. Allow us to begin to open our hearts to you and your will, allow us and our desires to diminish as you become bigger in our lives.
in Jesus' name


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