Monday, December 14, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 078...chirstmas chapel...

so today when I woke up, I literally was like, "YIPEEEE!" and had to remind myself not to squeal like a little girl, because my roommates were still asleep, it was 7:30. I don't know what's happened to me, I usually am a; bear in the mornings, my wellspring team knows this. But somehow, I managed to feel uber excited upon wake up. yikes!

anyway, we did sound check, then I went to Spanish Class, and Im glad I left a little early, Renee came by and needed a copy of our song for this morning for choir! ah! so glad that i went down there just to check. LOL...

i think a nap (like 20 mins) would be a good way to keep my energy level up.

so after class today (which I had only two today!) I took a trip to Wal*mart and picked up some stuff to make thumbprint cookies. They're delicious little shortbread cookies rolled in walnuts with jam in the middle. simply divine, and my FAVORITE Christmas cookie.

I'll have to take  a picture of them tomorrow when I put jam in the middle of them for the annual Festivus party at Phil, Mike, Clark and David's...going to be super awesome. I think the whole campus might be invited...LOL I think we watch the Seinfeld Festivus Episode. I originally made them for Prop Shop on Wednesday, but I think I'll take a plate over to the boy's anyway, I have FOUR DOZEN :) and I could always make more ;)

well that's about it, im tired and I need sleep, but don't we all!
big day tomorrow, my conducting rehearsal is tomorrow with the Chamber Singers. A little nervous, but I'm getting up at like 9 to practice. I have to be there at 12:20...I CAN DO THIS!!


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