Friday, December 4, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 068...let it snow :)

so i saw my first snow of this advent season today! I know its snowed before this, but I haven't SEEN it. This morning, I stepped out the back door of my house and light snow was falling straight to the ground, no wind, just falling. magic, pure magic. I really can't wait to go home and experience the snow just "falling" in the woods, surrounded by silence. The only sound is the snow softly settling into the trees. Its one of my favorite things. The peace is overwhelming. I think this is one of the countless ways that God romances us. I know for me, personally, it is extremely romantic :) so note to self. that would be a perfect way to end a date...LOL

so we are going to be learning some more Christmas Carols in contemporary worship ensemble today. super stoked for that. now that i've caught the spirit, im excited to keep it going and share it. class in five. write more later


so im alone. well not alone, God is here :) but humanly, I'm in the house all alone, on a friday night. now some might see this as pathetic, but after some fretting and grumbling, I realized that this is an opportunity to spend some time with God.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming tomorrow at 10, then I have a bball game at 3 and then a church visit with Heath and Mitch to end the day...good night :)


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