Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 093...skinny jeans...

so I had this genius idea to go out and look for a pair of skinny jeans...three stores later, I finally found ONE pair. At Old Navy of all places...im by no means skinny, but I wanted the tapered look for wearing flats and zip up boots, just goes with the whole "rock star" persona some people claim I have....LOL :) and the fact that I think being a rock star would be pretty sweet!!

well anyway, shopping trip was a success, and to top it off I got hit on at Starbucks and at Subway. lovely. what makes guys think women like being hit on? Sometimes its nice when someone compliments my hair or eyes, but my butt? now that's just not right...

now I'm curling up in my room, under the covers because its cold, and writing a few chapters for my fan fiction. I have someone to beta it, or lame man's terms, edit it. The story is about Severus Snape and my own charecter, Lumora Olivander. I have always thought that Snape deserved a chance at redemption that Rowling did not give him. That's what Alone No More is about. Hogwarts, here I come...



  1. You have no idea how badly I want to read this story of yours...Anything with Harry Potter I'm game for...We are going to get along just fine this summer :)

    Also, gotta have the skinny jeans for sure when on the road in a sweet band :)

  2. yeah, I'll have to get my own pair..and stuff

    that is our new thing. Say and stuff after everything, and stuff.