Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 077...praying without ceasing...

I am reminded today that I need to pray without ceasing...

also I feel like Mitchell, Hannah and I need to band together and pray for Rivertree, even Scott can join us if he is going to be on the team, which is awesome! I just think being in ministry together that we need to be in prayer together. Is that wrong? Well I don't think so.

so there's an interesting paradox going on in my life. i want to reach out, want to be there for people, and yet it seems that this may be seen as desperate. awesome. so i've been working on this, trying to be more aware of the needs of others rather than forcing myself on their issues.

Britta visited this weekend, and this was a good thing. She is struggling right now so prayers are greatly appreciated.

well I need to get homework done, and I need to just chill.


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