Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 090...I'll be home for Christmas...

i woke up today to snow :) as i scrambled out of bed to press my nose to the glass, i felt like i was staring out the window of a house enveloped in a snow globe. the snow swirled around the house because the wind was shifting, and it was snowing rather hard as well.

today I went with the Wright Family to the Wright Family Christmas in Grand Rapids. Because of the snow, Dad drove me to Spencer RD so the Wrights could pick me up on their way. We left the park and ride at 12:30. We were the first family to arrive, of course, and one of the last ones to leave!

I really enjoy this family. They are so joyful, and always happy to see one another. We formed a big circle, and then the Christmas story was read, followed by a recitation of the passage by Boston and Hudson, they were awesome!! Then some Christmas trivia and singing of Carols followed that. Then we heard the stories of how Doug proposed to Kait and how Wayne proposed to Liz. Liz is from Jackson, and went to youth group at Trinity Weslyan so she knows Andy and Genelle! So excited. small world.

well im tired again. I really wish I wasn't I would like to write more. oh well. time for bed :)


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