Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 079...the one with the tray of christmas cookies...


today was the annual Steeby House Festivus party. I love it, the friends, music, airing of grievances, and of course the feats of strength and the Festivus pole. Clark, David, Phil and Michael all host the party, this time it was in their lobby as well as in the their room. Its super cute to see Clark and Kattie together. It would be nice to travel the summer with Kattie, she seems super cool. I saw Liz, and of course Bridgett and Pat were there. They're cute too.

So about the tray of cookies, Melanie and I waited until like 8:30ish to walk over there. So cookie tray in hand, we proceeded to walk AROUND the track rather than across because they locked the fence on the other side, I guess preventing people from walking across the grass. LAME. oh well, so after an awkward walk there, we arrived and the party was fun. It was kind of awkward, but what about life isn't! LOL...The hosts aired their grievances, and then the feats of strength commenced. Melanie had to print off some stuff at the library, so I decided to go with instead of staying at the party...

then after the library we went to Midnight Breakfast. I especially love this one, because it is Christmas, and its fun to celebrate it here on campus.

well I need to finish editing a paper and send it in by midnight.


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