Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 086...early bird gets the worm...

its early. well, its only 9:15, but that's early considering I haven't gotten out of bed before ten since I left campus on thursday!!

and its snowing. my favorite kind. the lightly falling variety that just settles down on the ground. Sometimes blowing snow can be mysterious and awe inspiring, but mostly I just think its bitter and unnecessary!!

mom is at the gym :) for anyone that knows  my mom, this is a grand accomplishment. with all her health issues, going to the gym is a significant achievement! I am so proud that she's being proactive about her health. The projected life span on dialysis is 5 years. This Christmas marks year six. My parents are miracles. plain and simple.

im sitting at Kahuna coffee, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of a coffee shop. I love places like this. I am sort of disappointed the television is on rather than some music playing, but I fixed that. thank you youtube :) im piecing together a mini christmas eve service for my family. because my family is coming over at 5pm. Grandma and Grandpa are going to a 3pm service at Brightmoor. I would go to that, but I'm sure Mom needs help to prepare dinner.

so im having service :) yay! the worship arts leader in me is jumping for joy! I actually put together a service last fall in a worship class. So i'm going off of that, finding easy guitar tabs (since I just started playing) and i'm writing a mini narrative of the story for my brother and I to act out. this is going to be fun!

well, Mom will be here soon, and I have lots of guitar tabs to search for!

let it snow :)


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