Friday, December 25, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day to the world...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! here's to celebrating the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

i love Christmas, everything about it, the lights, the snow, the carols, and most importantly the reason and how my family celebrates...

I am very tired, but I just wanted to express how blessed I am. My family is small, but I love them and  I am extremely blessed to have them. We had a wonderful dinner, a great time opening presents and then we sat around and talked, laughed, watched some television together for the next five hours. I loved it.

tomorrow I'm headed with the Wright Family to the Wright Family Christmas. I'm bringing a white elephant gift, as is customary...and I'm giving Gordon a CD as well. Its Phil Wickham's new album, Heaven and Earth.

so that's pretty much it, nothing too profound or exciting. i am blessed.
thanks for another great day and the reminder to take these blessings that you've given me and to use them to bring  you Glory.
In Jesus' name,


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