Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 087...getting ready...

merry christmas eve eve :)

well, at least its a tradition in my family's house! my little brother (or should I say younger, he is 17) always says this. I recall it all started with the anticipation just building and building, and he just said it one day! My Dad and brother have all these "inside" sayings. For instance, Kmart is "Came a part" and the Detroit Tigers are the "Tigres" since they're mostly latino...just silly stuff like that they come up with. Oh and A.I's little "practice" fiasco a couple of years ago, yep. happens all the time in our house.

anyway, all word play aside. Today was spent on getting the house ready for my relatives to come over Christmas Eve. I swept and mopped all the floors, baked some cookies, cleaned the bathroom again (I did it on monday) and then I got to rest for a little bit before dinner. I'm still writing my fanfiction I started this summer. I didn't have time to write on it during the semester. so now that we're on break. I hope that I can finish it, or at least get some more chapters up. I know my readers are getting antsy, as am I.

well its after ten, and I need to be up early for last minute preparations. so merry christmas eve eve!


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