Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Adventure Called Life Day 081...leaving campus...

today is my last day on campus :(

yes, Im excited to go home, see the family, hang out with my best friend, but it seems that I am also sad. Im sad to leave my roommates, my friends here on campus, and classes. Yes, I will miss being in class, learning, and interacting with the professors. I really enjoy learning. i could be a career student, but I would like to have a worship leading job along with it :)

I am really considering seminary. Now that I only have three semesters left here at SAU, I know that its crunch time. I am working towards getting my piano proficiency done this next semester. If I don't finish, then I can do it next fall, and not worry about it. That's the plan. I am also learning guitar, and I really enjoy it. I should be able to learn the chords that Walbridge told me to over break and J-term. Seeing Melanie write songs almost daily has inspired me that I should at least learn to play. Its just another way I can serve a church that I work at.

well my conducting exam is in less than an hour. I have to finish choir attendance for Livesay. I'll write tomorrow. for now, this is Carolyn Marie officially signing off for Fall Semester 2009.


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