Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 132...i've got rhythm...

i've got rhythm
i've got sunshine
i've got rhythm
who could ask for anything more?

i was up early this morning for some practice with the Drumline. Then we went to lunch together, which was a riot! Daniel is sooo funny, and Shannon is great to laugh with! Our whole "team" is pretty much amazing!
well, I'm going to miss them this next Saturday :( I'm going home to attend Gordon's older brother's wedding. Doug and Kait are getting married next saturday!

Then we went over to the Women's game. They played IWU. and they WON! so awesome! We didn't expect them to win, but they did very well against IWU shooters. IWU was shooting 3-pointers like they were lay-ups. It was amazing. But the Lady Cougars managed to pull ahead and stay there for the second half. I love playing on the drumline, its so much fun! My hands are usually sore afterwards, but that's just because we only play once a week :) but i wouldn't trade it for anything, its just too. much. fun.

well, now im exhausted, and I think a nap is a good way to remedy that. so, nap time it is :)


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