Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 145...drumline strike...

so you've heard of an air strike, even a lightning strike, but have you heard of a Drumline Strike? be on the look out. the SAU Drumline is ready to pounce...

so today was our last official game, but i brought up the conference tournament game for the Men's team that is happening on Wednesday.

tonight we saw the movie Valentine's Day. It was okay. It was hilarious in some parts, but others were awkward and almost unnecessary. I didn't agree with some of the themes, but I did at least enjoy it.

After the movie, I can back to help tear down for Awaken 24. Another one in the books! WOW. o.O i'm still astounded at what God is doing on this excited to see where and how we continue to grow.

well tonight is lip sync, so im off to enjoy that.

be on the look out. DRUMLINE STRIKE!


PS im in love with anberlin :)

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