Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 139...wrap me in your arms...

take me to that place Lord
to that secret place where
i can be with you
and you can make me like you

wrap me in your arms
wrap me in your arms
wrap me in your arms

there is a God who loves me

this is my fervent prayer before the Lord. humbly, O Lord I come before your throne, and I ask that you wrap me in your arms, take me away and show me your face, Lord, reveal your power, your might to me. God I want to know you beyond comprehension, I want to be full of YOU. So full that you begin to overflow out of me, that your Spirit would devour my selfish heart and make it new and clean for you and your Glory. O Lord, hear my cry. hear my soul crying out for you. I am thirsty and dry, and you are living water. quench my thirst O Lord. Let me never thirst again for I have drunk of your living water.  I love you, and I give you all the praise and all the glory, forever and ever. In Jesus' name, Amen.

tonight was amazing. im tired. im drained physically, but spiritually I am full, I am full of light. Paul is amazing to work with. gah! He's so in tune with the Holy Spirit, and I just admire his surrender. Its such a blessing and joy and a privilege to work with someone with such a graceful and humble spirit. Marrissa LeClair and Matt Voiles are amazing worshippers. They are totally sold out for God, and its amazing to see how God is working in them. Its such a blessing to me, and it refreshes my soul to hear them speak of His love and mercy. I'm bursting with joy and happiness right now. I am so thankful, O Lord for this time and this place. No words can describe the peace in my heart at this moment.

ps. let it be recorded that God is moving here at SAU. let us never forget his faithfulness and love.

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