Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day nemesis...

i often find myself wondering why in the world God has called me to worship ministry. music, theorectically is something is struggle with, yes I can read music, and plunk out my voice parts and some chords on the piano, and yes i know 5 chords on the guitar. But "putting it all together" seems to be my nemesis. 

the piano. my archenemy since i came here to SAU. i stink at piano. i struggle so much with forcing myself to practice. i even overloaded my schedule with extra credits subconsciously so i would have an excuse to not practice. ugh. now i have no class from chapel until 4 on wednesday, and i think i shall go to a practice room after i eat lunch until 1:30 when I will meet Shannon in the lab for chemistry, we have to finish our lab from last night. we have to wait for the crystals we made to dry...anyway, so that's the plan, make a sandwich, eat it, and truck back through the snow to the music building for some needed piano practicum. 

its been long enough that i've let myself become discouraged and that i've settled for anything less than excellence. i am smart, and i can do this. God didn't give me a passion for worship for me to fail my piano proficiency. After all I did get A's in theory and aural harmony...

so here's to a new beginning regarding my piano playing. 

and oh yeah, since i really have no place to go, LET IT SNOW :)


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