Friday, February 12, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 138...priorities...

Today I was not thankful to be awake. I almost talked myself into being lazy and skipping my 9am chem lecture. but I went. good thing i did. We had a book check, now they're only 2 points, but its like free points, so why not go? ugh. well, now im siting Lara's Coffee shop, its located right in Spring Arbor. I took some homework, and headed over for a Caramel Macchiato and some peace and quiet. I have gotten just that. I have managed to take my Video quiz, do the online leadership quiz for Church Leadership and begin memorizing my scripture for Prop Shop. Praise the Lord for productivity! Now all i have left for this weekend is to study for Chemistry and do my Spanish work for monday. I also have to read for leadership, but I can do that on monday night. I do have a leadership assessment to do for Intro to Leadership by friday. I can get that done wednesday. So I'm doing really well on assignments :) awesome. It makes me feel better about going home this weekend! AH! soooo excited!

Tonight we are having a 24 hour prayer and worship service. Please pray that God comes and rains down upon us. And more importantly that we would glorify his Holy name, that he would be exalted, and lifted up. Paul Reif and I are playing for a two hour slot. I am super pumped for that! We also got the "ok" from Dr. Walrath regarding sound equipment! soooo good, and such an answer to prayer! Then afterwards, I get to return the equipment, and then head to Plymouth in the morning.

 I am going to Doug Wright's wedding! Gordon of course invited me, and I'm excited :) I do love weddings, and this one is going to be so special! I did managed to put together a gift! *sigh of relief* I was afraid that I wasn't going to able to do that! but I did remember when I went out last night. I purchased a simple picture frame and a cute card. I am going to write a couple of scripture verses on it, and another in the middle of the photo frame. I think giving picture frames is a way of expressing myself, because I treasure memories, and I also love the sentiment. It says, "I care about you, and your memories." i love it.

so the title of this post is "priorities". big whoop right? wrong! I've been so backwards on my priorities for so long. Of course academics should be near the top of the list, but its been at the very top for so long in my life. Now, there may be nothing wrong with that, but I have left out my quiet time with God. I have been neglecting that. I find that unacceptable. I am also experiencing God literally calling me to "come away," That is why I am doing the devotional I am on thursday. Melanie warned me the song may be hard to "pull off" but I can't shake the idea, I can't run away from it and push it away. I have some idea of what I should do to counter act the "questionable lyrics". here's the verse I'm talking about:

I tried to say
i want to this to work
you take off the weight
if you change your mind
i won't hurt forever
i don't know
what else to do
i do anything to have 3 more hours on a bench with you

ive never heard something that sweet
are you sure you want me?

cause everything within me
doesn't want to risk
doesn't want to rise anymore
than if it means
i get to see the light in your eyes
i'll risk so much more

I understand what Melanie is talking about. But I wonder if this could really work. I know that I have personally done this, I have questioned if God really wants me? me? this broken person. and can i really trust him? I have skewed who God is, and made him to equate a man. I'm sure many women who have been hurt by men do. I'm sure they feel like they can't trust God. But I like the rest of the lyrics. She says, "I don't know what else to do, i'd give anything for 3 more hours on a bench with you" and I feel like that about God. So I'll explain the lyrics before I dance. I also have some scripture to back up my claims :) very important! So I'm doing it, I'm following this desire in my heart, this unyielding, YES that burns deep inside it. So here goes God, guide me, give me the words. you be glorified in this!

gah! im so pumped. God is moving so much in my life right now, its amazing! I don't want to sound conceited. I just want to rejoice in all circumstances. I want to glorify God in everything I do!

Lord, to you be all the glory, honor and praise! let me not reap any benefits from this if only for your Kingdom! I love you, I adore you. Let me life exude your mercy and grace and perfect love! In Jesus' name, Amen.


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