Monday, February 1, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 127...any better than this...

can it get any better than this? life as a college student is positively sublime. Yeah, class can be a drag and a bore, but what about those times where you're listening to the professor speaking, and you feel like there should be a marquee scrolling above the blackboard that God writes on, saying, "This one's for Carolyn Marie McCabe - courtesy of Almighty God" its a amazing.

today in Chapel, Tim Dilena, pastor of Revival Tabernacle of Highland Park, Detroit, MI spoke to the students and staff. He spoke to us on one verse of scripture 1 Samuel 26:6. He called it the Alimilech spirit. The person who doesn't do anything or say anything to further the Kingdom.

He reminds me so much of my pastor back home. Pastor Brad is such a man of God, and he always stresses the importance of speaking up and not being silent. I always want to be found faithful. I don't want to keep my mouth shut. I want to speak, and speak the Lord's message to those around me. Hope. Strength. peace. LOVE.

there's an open mic night, maybe I'll do something :)


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