Wednesday, February 10, 2010


so my roommates are discussing the struggle of being single.

ugh. i simply abhor being single right now. but that is not okay. that is not right. my heart is in the wrong place. im focusing on what i don't have, rather than focusing on what i do have. so let's make  list, of why its so grand to be single...

going to the movies by myself (this is getting lame, but sometimes i still enjoy it)
taking a drive, with the music as loud as i want it
girls night in - every week night (since i do live in a house full of women!)

and that concludes the list. for now. I'm praying that God shows me the beauty of being single. everyday, that he reveals it to me, and that i would learn to be thankful and content for now in my singleness.

I guess I am just struggling with the thoughts like, "Oh, this is such fun, I wish so and so was here, I know it would make them smile." or "This would be so much fun to share with someone special..." ugh.

Show me what it means to be single, and how full my life can be in it. Let me not dwell on what I am missing, rather help me to dwell on what I do have. Father, I thank you for your grace, and that your mercies are new every morning. In Jesus' name,


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  1. God has a plan for you and He knows what He's doing. I'm sure he's preparing a guy for you right now! :) Stay encouraged.