Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Adventure Called LIfe Day 141...better than this...

so tonight was A-mazing! special thanks to Mr. Paul Reif for playing guitar for me at open mic night, but that's not why im so excited :)

Cora Howe has a fantastic voice. period. so so so good! alright, so I sat next to this girl all first semester in choir, i've never heard her string two sentences together, let alone sing a note. So tonight, Paul was helping her with a song, and she opened her mouth and began to sing. and BAM! It literally took my breath away. she sang so beautifully. then i heard God say, "see, I can even use this..." ah! soooo good. i LOVE when that happens. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I forget that God is so mighty, so sovereign that he can do ANYTHING. even surprise little old me. so I ask you, what can be better than this?


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