Monday, February 15, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day...unconditional love...

is that why people are scared of me? is this why i seem to "miss it"? is this why i desire so much more in a relationship than i should?

unconditional love. that's what im all about. this summer i prayed a very dangerous prayer. I asked God to show me how he sees people, to let me love them how you love them. and it worked! like I said, its a dangerous prayer. I began to see the potential in people, the beautiful futures that God has for them. Its scary, but oh so beautiful at the same time. But its frustrating when it seems that the people you want to have  deep relationship with don't really want anything to do with you. I've never had a "group" of friends. I'm kind of a lone ranger I guess. I don't know why that is, i would like to change it. I want a group of people that I hang out with regularly. But no one seems to want me. its a rather odd paradigm.

i give so much of myself, maybe its time to hold something back.


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