Monday, February 8, 2010


its a virtue
or so im told
its something
that comes in handy
its something 
that puts you in a better mood

im trying to be patient
waiting on someone
it can wear on your spirit
especially when its someone special

you want to give them the world
you want to make the wrongs right
you want to be there for them
even late at night

it doesn't seem fair
you don't even know i care
how can i tell you
when its supposed to be you
you're the one supposed to be chasing
and im not supposed to be wasting
my heart on you 

would you want to know?
would you run away?
if i told you it kills me
to see you look at me that way
to hear you play with your deep soul
to feel you sing with your pure heart

its eating me alive
i wish i didn't have to hide

but patience
its a virtue
or so im told

so patient i'll remain
loving your beautiful soul
from a far 
until you glance
and see right through me


just some more random words and thoughts. this late night writing is swiftly becoming a way for me to process and let my feelings out. its great. Thanks Lord for another beautiful day.


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