Friday, October 30, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 033

well its day 33, and I've been through a lot this semester. Compared to some people, my life may be a piece of cake. All I know is that I am extremely grateful to be alive. I know that being a university student is probably the easiest job on the planet, but sometimes i would beg to differ. Instead of the "responsibility freedom" that comes with being a High School student, as a university student you get the classes, the friends, the fun, but then LIFE comes knocking at your door every once and a while.

It seems that life has just stopped me in my tracks for a while. I have been sick for the past two weeks. I think that I am finally showing signs of getting better. I went to the Heath Center on campus thursday morning only to be sent packing for home for the weekend. I hate missing class, and miss class I did. Four of them to be exact. ugh. so now im sitting in the library at home, catching up. I've got some Spanish work to catch up on, some music in ministry work to do and an intro to mass media test to study for. I'll be back tomorrow writing an article for The Pulse and also taking the test and submitting my music in ministry paper. Then I'll probably return to the arbor and clean everything in sight. Then I'll go to sleep around 10 and get up for church in the morning. I do not want to leave Mitch hanging, I know its probably not that important that I show up and help, but I do feel like I committed to it, so I should be there.

well i need to get to it, and get this work done before dinner. Hopefully I can get studying and the paper out of the way tonight before I call it a night at around 9 or 10. thanks for all the prayers. they are much appreciated.


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