Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 013

happy saturday! the weather is a complete turn around from this week. sunshine and light wind make for a beautiful fall day! yay!

i just saw A  meeting in Kansas...WOW. just plain WOW. Kyle was AMAZING!! I know he can act, but that was just fantastic!! I know that he was nervous, but i think he did extremely well with the character and staying in character! great job Kyle! I can't wait to see A Meeting in Munich, i've seen part of it for the article i wrote for the Pulse. I can't wait to see the rest of it!!

well Mitch, Heath and David and I are all going to the catholic church to observe for class. i'll update about that later...

so not orthodox church visit tonight! LOL...Mitch picked me up, Heath was already in the car, then we picked up David from the library on our way out of campus. On our way, just as we pass exit #138 and are approaching our exit, Mitch announces that he doesn't have much gas! So here we are, out in the boonies with no gas and we get to the church. DESERTED. okay! so we get back in the car, and head to where else do you go with a bunch of guys who love mtn Dew and food...TACO BELL! so as if it can't get any better, mitch is texting, and eating, AND driving...oh yeah i thought it was amazing!

part of me thinks maybe i shouldn't have had so much fun on our "adventure" but truly it was AWESOME and it rocked. so what if i was wearing heels and when we maybe had run out of gas I had to walk and get some? would have been okay since there were three other people with me! loads of rock music followed by loads of fun and taco bell...makes for a great adventure :) oh how i love college!

well i have worship at Rivertree with Mitch and Hannah in the morning to look forward to :) so much fun! well  im going to call it a night. sweet dreams everyone :)


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