Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 012


oh yes, its friday at the arbor :) and i had another full day...class today was boring (spanish) but contemporary worship ensemble was a riot! Goodness, we need to focus more and get things done! i pray that this prop shop comes together as well as the first did. Dr. Walrath instructed and ultimately lead that one. Melanie is in charge of this one, but there are plenty of guys in our class that like the "spotlight" and to crack jokes A LOT. okay, i laugh, but it became really not funny after a while and then became just counter productive! oh well, i guess that's to be expected when we meet at 4pm on friday!

then i went with the roomies to go underwear shopping! LOL...sooo much fun! we spend like forever in Target...then returned to campus around 9ish. Then I went TO THE MUSIC BUILDING!! to see Shelby Love and hang with Shannon Belloli, Eric, and Kyle. It was fun. but the situation with Kimmee and Eric is still bothering me. It has always bothered me. i think that Kimmee suspects that Eric and I are moving towards more than just friends. I am so afraid of hurting her. i guess i wouldn't be hurting her, Eric doesn't feel the way he did about her before. at least that is what he has told me. i know they are best friends. i don't want to take that away from her or him. they need each other. i just want a part of eric, that would be nice. i do simply adore the man. maybe its unhealthy? i don't know...anyway, its late and i need to get to bed...just be praying that i am patient and listen to God every step of the way :)


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