Monday, October 26, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 029

happy monday! YAY!

so i missed Spanish today. That is first time ever that I slept through a class.

note to self: when sick, get enough sleep. thank you.

anyway, lots to look forward to this week. class, and also my online class has started. Introduction to Mass Media. I tend to live on my computer and the internet, so this class will be an interesting journey.

Tony Campollo spoke in chapel today. He challenged us to not just be believers, but become true followers of Christ. By becoming true, authentic people, we embody the person of Christ, and are able to share his love with everyone we come in contact with.

This is very exciting. Now im in the library, yet again, working on COM 102 stuff. yay for the media. wish me luck on testing today for choir. I think im going to need it. (still no voice)


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