Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 023

so much to do. so little time.

that's the story of my life.

im in the library, yet again, trying to get work done. I haven't been able to relax all day. I had make up lessons today. I hardly have time to practice again before my lessons again on thursday. I really need this weekend to be here so I can just catch up. I feel like im running, but not getting anywhere. I know that God and I discussed that I have been running ahead, not enjoying the stuff around me. I really didn't mean for time to slow down and for me to bombarded with work, but I guess this is a way to do it :)

Spanish quiz tomorrow...then Chapel time! After Chapel I am going to study for the Conducting mid-term. Dr. Livesay claims that he doesn't try to trick us, but I would beg to differ. Shelby always said his tests were hard, and she's a great student! AH! I pray that studying and re-reading everything will help me to do well. I retain knowledge well. So I pray that I can do well on this. Grades are important to me, but doing well is more than just a grade, it means that I have mastered the knowledge or said skill.

alright, a few more spanish flash cards to finish, then on to conducting...oh joy :)


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