Friday, October 16, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 019


that seems to be the word of the semester. I really need to focus. I only have three an a half semesters left at SAU. WOW. o.0 that pretty much makes me speechless to think about. How can that be? I only just started. I'm beginning to feel like I did in High School. I can remember looking forward to my senior year with such anticipation and excitement. Now I am sort of dreading it. I'm not ready. So not ready to be out in the real world. I guess I sort of am today. The real world isn't forgiving, and being here at SAU, living from pay check to pay check, and feeling overwhelmed with friends and everything else...

i have been wasting time looking at pianos on craigslist. I wonder if my parents would be willing to buy a $150.00 piano for Christmas. I WOULD LOVE IT! I would be able to play whenever I came home...I might not want to return to school! LOL...

there is just something about having your own piano, being able to say that why yes, I do have one at home just feels amazing! Maybe I should wait until I graduate, but I've been surfing the ads they look good. I would love to have one at home....we'll see what happens with that.

music lab is next. it looks like the line-up of players is going to be awesome! Eric opens and then almost closes. I've put off homework, yet again, but I know that its just due to not wanting to focus. my brain is tired. I know Junior year was my hardest academically in High School, and it looks like my college career wanted to one-up that :) my online class starts next week. YIKES! no life is coming...great!

Eric has practice during fall break. ugh. i can't believe it. im tempted to not go home. I want to go home. I want to enjoy my weekend, WITH Eric. It just seems I need to be more patient. lovely. oh well. I guess I'll just be a spinster after all! just kidding...LOL it is just so frustrating! maybe this is God's way of making sure i focus.

oh yeah.


that is truly the thing that needs to permeate my life. Eric has it together when it comes to focusing on school, music and even friends. Its time I did too.


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