Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 016

welcome to music tuesdays...where nothing ever ceases to be done without song...praise Jesus!

I love love love being here at SAU. yes, i wish i could just magically become better piano player with a flick of a wand, but alas that is not reality. so i must practice, practice, practice and practice my little heart out...same thing with voice and guitar. goodness i am glad that i am not a science or math major though. oi! what would not be fun!

God has been teaching me a lot these past couple of weeks. He has been teaching me to take a step back and enjoy what is around me, rather than just rushing through it. I wonder what it was like for Jesus to enjoy his father, especially when he was with his disciples. I wonder if he could see the image of God in them. I wonder what it was like to think, my father created these people, and the very earth I walk on and the very air I breathe. Trying to follow Jesus and his example is very hard. Daily time in the word makes it a little bit easier, but still I am forced to bite my tongue and swallow snide comments and rude thoughts.

well it seems i am not the only one who dislikes and/or struggles with learning piano :) Clark, Ben and Jessica all agree with me. Guitar is so much fun, i usually play every chance I get. I ABHORE playing piano. scales are fine, but chords and classical music can shove it! AH! I find it so frustrating. I am not quite sure why. Actually I do know why. Its mostly because I cannot do it perfect in like three tries, which I am used to doing...LOL :) singing, dancing, playing oboe, playing percussion comes easy to me. PIANO DOES NOT. even Spanish is difficult, but I enjoy it. I like thinking in a different language. Maybe I should see piano this way. I'm learning a new language. hmmm...maybe I will be able to become proficient in piano after all!

Eric and I are scheduled for a walk later. I hope that can happen. I really would love to talk to him. I see him like five times a day, but i miss him. I feel like a hormonal teenager. ugh...God give me patience, help me to  take a step back and think of others before myself. Help me to be unselfish and be a support for Eric rather than a burden. Express your love through me. use me O God to bring yourself Glory. I love you. In Jesus' name, Amen


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