Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 009

tired. very tired. tuesdays are great, but for some reason i am very tired tonight. i shall soon be going to bed.

God is working very much on Eric right now. Of course he works on all of us, but Eric is really open to what God has right now. I love it! So cool...plus, we've reached a new point in our friendship. i'm not really sure where we go from here, but i do know that God is guiding us both.

well that's all i have for now. i need some sleep. i have some spanish homework to finish really quick before i call it a night.

oh yeah, im writing another article for The Pulse. This one is going to be about Deeper and Sister Connection. super excited!!



  1. Eric who?

    I am so happy you are finding your stride with Pulse :-)