Friday, October 9, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 011

happy thursday! today is another music filled day...oh how i love it!

i have something to look forward to tonight, eric is coming over to watch a movie after we both do homework and have our own respective practices, he has play practice and i have drumline practice. i never thought i would ever be on a drumline again, but i am! my freshman year of high school i went to Band Camp as a cymbal player. I had learned flute in seventh grade because i am first an oboe player, and i wanted to play a marching band instrument other than percussion. I tried clarinet, but i don't have the correct ombisure for that. anyway, Mr. Letovsky, the high school band director did not know that i played flute, so the entire first season of marching band, i played cymbals. I secretly loved it, but outwardly i made sure that Mr. L did not think I enjoyed it! anyway, long story short, im playing again and I love it.

so the movie eric and i watched was, The Invisible. I found it very interesting, but it is quite sad. we sat on the couch next to each other and i think you could literally slice the tension in the room it was that thick! i wonder if he felt it too...i just don't know what to do in situations like these. i literally have to stop myself from jumping him most of the time. its very scary to feel like this...


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