Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 024


i have just experienced the first fire drill that i can remember in the Music Building of all places. and during my voice lesson of all things. my throat does sort of hurt now, that i have sung quite a bit in the last few days. i hope that I can take some vocal rest, maybe friday would be a good time :) enough to rest up and then scream my guts out at Kevin's last home football game!

i have a lot of homework to finish between now and thursday afternoon. I have a meeting with Diane Kurtz, director of CCS at SAU for an article for the PULSE.

in MUS 306 today we are watching a movie on the author of Amazing Grace. John Newton, was himself thrust into the slave trade. I am reminded of a a movie called "Amazing Grace." i really want to go find it! I wonder if Dr. Walrath has heard of it...

well im again in the library, but this time im actually working on ministry stuff! woot woot! im taking a passage from Nehemiah 4 and making it into a monologue. I'm using the message translation to start from. class at 4, then dinner and studying for conducting. Then Eric and I are going to go see FAME! super excited for that...


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