Monday, October 5, 2009

The Adventure Called life day 008

monday. the busiest day of the week! up and awake at 9 am and not done with class until 9:15. PRAISE THE LORD THAT I AM ALIVE. THANK YOU LORD FOR MONDAYS :)

today in chapel i found myself wondering why i was there. President Webb spoke, and then he had a friend share about the "unexpected turns of life." The man who shared has had four kidney transplants. His kidneys failed when he was in high school. i don't want to minimize his story, but i want to share my parents' story. they have been through so much. why couldn't i share my story? why did we hear from someone that we cannot relate to? when i, as a student, could have shared and they could have seen what it is to deal with LIFE and not let it bring you down.

that's what my mission is. most people have forgotten that my parents' are ill because i don't dwell on it. I have told John G at least four times that my father has Lupus, but a few weeks ago at a restaurant he claimed that he "didn't know that." So maybe people forget because they just don't live with it like i do, or they just forget because i don't advertise it and i live NORMALLY and don't let it define me.

these are just things that have been rolling around in my brain all morning. just a way to get them out so i can move on and keep serving the Lord, letting go of my burdens and letting Him handle them. Thank you Lord.


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