Monday, October 19, 2009

The Adventure Called Life day 022


i could never imagine running for that long... running in general just completely makes me cringe. I like to run on the elliptical or cross trainer machine. Dr. Walrath has just completed his second half marathon in like TWO HOURS...crazy crazy man.

i love worship class. the ideas that come to me are typically brilliant if i must say. who could fathom that Casey of all people would argue against an Organ, but here comes Heather, with her conservative view on sound, church and such...this paper completely stumped me. $200,000 is a lot of money. I think it could be spent better. I really didn't take a "side." Mitch, Bridgett and David both took the stance of first looking at "budget." Well that is a great starting point, and then Ed pointed out that "No church has ever gone bankrupt supporting too many missionaries."

Take Willow Creek for example...they give a lot to stuff overseas, missions and stuff at home. Heather also pointed out that what they "send out" is a fraction of what they spend on themselves and what they spend at home.

"I find it fascinating that the American church is willing to raise money for their church buildings or ministries but when faced with hunger, AIDs, homelessness, hopelessness they are silent." - MUS 306 class collaboration

alright. looks like class discussion  is ready to begin. here we go!


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