Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day, rehearsal, take a break, repeat...

Today marks our first day "in the studio" one might say as a team. We worked on 36 SONGS. that's right over thirty tunes in the course of just 9 short rehearsal hours. Now I am just completely wiped. I really wish I had the energy to do a post, a really good one...maybe this weekend, like saturday when we are on our way to Greenville, maybe I can do some reflection then.

anyway, we have more rehearsal time tomorrow, but I think we have a few other things we are doing as well, that will be nice. all we did today was eat, and play, eat and im just pooped.

I did get some great news! WE ARE GOING TO SCIOTO!!!!! AH!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited! I love love love this camp! It was my very first camp on Well Spring, and my first experience counseling campers. I loved it. The place is high in the Ohio hills, we sleep in barns that have 1/2 inch cracks in the walls and the floor boards, the roofs are tin and to have fun we make a slip n' slide down the hill. its a grand time. We also play in this really cool barn that has "wings"...the walls open up and push out so they "fly" like wings when propped up. Its a really neat place and I'm excited to go back!!!! I didn't think I would get to!


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