Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 250...panic attack, mud, and softball bats...

its another beautiful day here at Greenville Family Camp. I keep calling it that just to remind you that we are currently in southern Illinois. The camp is actually called Durley Family Camp. I woke up this morning and after fumbling through a shower, a getting myself to breakfast I broke down and didn’t try to sing at all. I could barely open my mouth far enough to enunciate properly. Its like that awful sore feeling you wake up to after working out really hard the day before. Your muscles are tight and swollen, well that was my throat this morning. 
Instead of going to rehearsal I went back to the cabin to lay down. I also opted out of small group time to give myself more rest before service at 10:30 am. So from 8:30ish until 10 I took a nap. I woke up, feeling slightly sore, but so much better than before. I went to service, didn’t sing, but the girls that Marrissa and I have been hanging out with saved me a seat :) It was precious. After service we at lunch with them again.
I love softball, and the camp held an all camp softball game today. I didn’t go change into tennis shoes and bum a glove off of someone, I just went back to cabin, slathered on some sunscreen and went out to enjoy watching. Jake and Luke are very athletic, and Jake seems to really enjoy playing. Its cool to see him connect with the kids that way. Emily, a girl at the camp here is going into eighth grade. I sort of see some of myself in her, like her personality is very mature and she doesn’t have a big tolerance for goofiness of silliness. I have changed since eighth grade, praise the Lord, but I still can identify with her. She has a fantastic arm, and she has a great bat. I cheered for people I knew and people I didn’t. I made sure not to yell too loud :) 
I have been talking to a couple of the FOUR doctors here at camp, and they have cleared me for singing if the swelling stays minimal like it is right now. I’m supposed to tell Jake a dinner (in a couple of minutes) what my final call is. I sure hope my throat stays that this, I doesn’t hurt to swallow that much anymore :) Praise the Lord! 

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