Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Adventure Called LIfe Day 257...awaken...

In three weeks we are going to be going as a well spring team on Righteous Mission withe Clarkston United Methodist Church to Indianapolis, Indiana. I am so excited! God has been preparing and moving in the planning of this mission already. It sounds awesome. Tonight we went to meet the kids and play for 611 their youth gathering. Then we broke off into small groups and had discussion.

I had a great discussion with Marc, Marrissa and five other guys in the group. We talked about what it meant to truly awaken ourselves to the miracle of everyday life. That every breath, every bodily function is an absolute miracle. How blessed we are that Almighty God sustains our life!

Awaken is the theme this year. I'm stoked about that. I am ready to be challenged, to be stretched, to grow in ways that I never thought possible. I am so excited to experience God firsthand as we partner with him in what he is already doing in Indy. So exciting, and such a blessing!

tomorrow I am going to see Zachariah. pray that it goes well. There are some heavy things on both of our minds and I would love if you guys would cover us in prayer. thank you.


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