Monday, June 7, 2010

The Adventure Called Life Day 251...sweet saxaphone guy...

Tonight as a Well Spring team we had the immense privilege to play with a phenomenal professional musician named Bill. He is affectionately known to Jake, Liz and Marc as “sweet saxophone guy.” Let me tell you, he lives up to his name. Great player, great skill, but his heart is so big. I loved it. 
Previously this afternoon I had a break down. Its to be expected. I’ve been getting better, and all of a sudden I feel like I did Friday night and Saturday. In fact I felt the worst I’ve felt this whole time. Spiritually I didn’t feel that low, singing with the band has helped. I don’t want to say, “Oh this is an attack,” but I sure feels that way. I have never been barred this much from ministry in my life. I am only 20, soon to be 21 years old, and I just have felt so beaten down. Tonight, worshipping, leaving all that I am before God really helped me connect with him again. I pray that my authentic offerings of worship help others enter in to the throne room of God. I pray that the members of the congregation are encouraged to surrender to God, to offer up themselves as living sacrifices because he alone is worthy!
We continue this week now with Liz! She has returned to us from Michigan where she was at home with her sister for her graduation. Such an exciting thing! I am missing my brother’s graduation and his party while we are at this camp :( But I am super proud of him and how he is choosing to live his life for Christ and not himself. Its such a blessing to have a brother who is pursuing Christ! 


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